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The 13th series of Australia's favourite and longest running reality program, THE BLOCK is coming soon to the Nine Network.


Scott Cam has never been more excited about The Block in his life, as he hosts the new series which will see five massive family homes rescued from demolition and transported to Elsternwick in south-east Melbourne.


Scotty says: "I'm really proud that we were able to save these houses from demolition and deliver the great Australian dream of a big, modern family home. The scale of this project is like nothing we've attempted before - we're transforming a street and it sure is going to test our latest crop of Blockheads."


These relics from a bygone era have been "Home Sweet Home" to Aussie families for generations.


Now these homes have all been cut down the middle, transported and painstakingly put back together on brand new foundations, ready to stand for another 90 years afterThe Blockcontestants lovingly restore them to their former glory - and then some.


The five eager new couples transforming these family homes are:


  • Josh (28) and Elyse (24), dating for four years, from Melbourne, VIC
  • Hannah (31) and Clint (33), married for five years, from Townsville, QLD
  • Sticks (31) and Wombat (38),best mates for fifteen years, from South Coast, NSW
  • Ronnie (41) and Georgia (33), married for six years, from Perth, WA
  • Jason (46) and Sarah (45), married for eighteen years, from Melbourne, VIC


Scott Cam is joined by co-host Shelley Craft, along with judges NealeWhitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer, "The Blockinator", foreman Keith Schleiger ,and his right-hand man, Dan Reilly.


In April 2017, The Block proved its unwavering popularity with Australian viewers by winning its fifth TV Week Logie Award for Best Reality program. The show has distributed an astronomical cash total of $17,575,501.01 to contestants since premiering on Channel Nine in 2003.