Channel nine

Married At First Sight

    • Genre Reality
    • Series 1



Married at First Sight is a Danish observational documentary series which puts relationships under the microscope. The most talked about format to come out of MIPCOM 2013 Married at First Sight works with leading relationship experts to carefully match-make eight Australian singles into four married couples, who each meet each other - for the very first time - at their wedding.


We'll follow them as they marry, honeymoon, meet the in-laws and set up home, all the while getting to know one another more and more deeply, to see if the matchmakers have got it right and they will have a future together. By making the ultimate commitment to one another, and living as a married couple for three months, will love bloom and triumph for our four couples?


Who will stick together and who will decide to divorce? In the age of internet romance and speed dating, this is a timely social experiment like no other. Already a massive hit in Denmark the format has been sold to Germany, Holland, the United States, France, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Belgium. Married at First Sight will be produced in early 2014.